I was born in northern California, Hayward to be exact, so I am a Cali girl but I am very happy South Carolina girl now. I have lived in and around Greenville, SC for 20 years now. I met my husband, Jim, in 1998, we were married in 2001 and we have made a wonderful life together.


Everyone calls me “Mo”. My maiden name is O’Neil so my initials are MO. It started back in high school and has stayed with me. I like being a “Mo”.


In my “normal” profession I am a hair color specialist. I have been doing hair for 15 years
now and I have been blessed with some incredible clients and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

When I started down the “Figure girl” path I knew I wanted to become an IFBB Pro. After a wonderful amateur career I was able to reach my goal and celebrated my moment by becoming the 2009 Overall Masters Figure Champion.


My “WHY”, I discovered, was much bigger than just going pro. I wanted to help women like myself to empower themselves from within. Empowering from within is the biggest gift of all. When the mind is strong and sound the body will be capable of just about anything.


So I set out to create a team of my own. I joined forces with my coach, who is also my wonderful husband, and we did just that. My dream came true with the birth of Mo and Jim’s DREAM TEAM. Together we coach women of all types to achieve POWER! Empowering women only makes the world a better place. Stronger women equal better wives, moms, grand ma’s, sisters, daughters…..


I feel so thankful to be able to give and to share with my DREAM TEAM ladies and they have given me my empowerment that has made me a better woman, wife and business person.
It is such a blessing to take an individual sport and create a team atmosphere.


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